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About Us

Utopic by Mona Vulpoiu

I created Utopic in 2005  with the desire to express my love for life, nature, divinity, everything that surrounds us.

My work is a synthesis of energy and research that reveal a different part of my creative storytelling.

Unique pieces or limited collections combine elements of a common vocabulary in a space of contrasts and textures, organic textures and plants study forged in fire as if they were poems written on bodies.

I like e to create small jewellery sculptures, designed to be exhibited on the body but also small art installations.
The process of making is meditative, concentrating on the piece and my mind clear of everyday things.

Pursuing the Avant-garde, Neo- Gothic, Natural designi use highly experimental techniques to express my own thoughts and feelings, shapes and colours, states and stories.

Each piece it’s made using my hands from first to last layer of the process.

My main ideea that i follow are:

♡ Made from one heart to another   ♡  Jewelery for the soul ♡ Love life and life will love you back ♡

Most important
♡ sus sa avem inimile ♡

You can find my personal shop in Bucharest

Calea Victoriei nr. 136 / str. Biserica Amzei nr. 2

Sunday and Monday – closed
Tuesday – Friday – 14:00 – 19:00
Saturday – 12:00- 19:00